Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Creating alliances beyond financial investment

What we look for

We enjoy meeting entrepreneurs who meet these criteria or have the ambition to do so soon.

Skin in The Game

Entrepreneurs entirely committed to their venture and encompassed in Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book.

Our Preferred Sectors

  • Technology (Digital or Industrial)
  • Smart Living (New Ways of Living)
  • Life Sciences (Biotech, Medtech, etc.)

  • Our Criteria

  • Oustanding entrepreneurs with skin in the game (our most important criteria)
  • Supported by a strong and complementary team
  • Active in a growing and large market
  • With a proven Business Model (generating 1M EUR revenue or above for Tech and Smart Living ventures)
  • Daring Factor
  • Relying on a convincing business model
  • Contributing to a more sustainable eco-system (impact)
  • With local value-added job creations
  • With a compelling value creation story
  • And a strong governance track

  • What we offer

    Alliances with daring entrepreneurs

    TheClubDeal Fund II

    The Fund invests 1-5M EUR into promising Belgian and French ventures alongside specialised investors.

    Smart Money

    Beyond financial support, we bring knowledge, experience and a network to our common project.

    Funding Round Structuration

    Beyond the fund's commitment to ventures, TheClubDeal Capital Advisors can structure the entire funding round.

    Governance Facilitation

    Structuring your Board, Reporting and Guiding your strategic reflections amongst other things.

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