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TheClubDeal is a Brussels-based Venture Capital – Private Equity fund manager and advisory firm

The fund invests in scale-ups and SMEs located in Belgium and Northern France

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Life Sciences

Life Sciences consists of Biotech & Medtech ventures with a focus on business models that demonstate traction and growth perspectives. The focus is on companies that both drive medical innovation across the value chain and enable these to improve the life of patients whose medical needs are currently unmet.

Smart Living

Smart Living is a trend that involves improved standards in several aspects of day-to-day life, ranging from mixed-use real estate, hospitality, workplaces and the way people are entertained, transported and fed whilst striving for wellness, efficiency, economy and reduction of the carbon footprint.


The Technology sector embodies companies involved in digital business models that demonstate traction and growth perspectives. While the focus is on IT driven technologies, industrial innovative technologies (food, chemistry, …) are not excluded.

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