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TheClubDeal Fund II


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Co-Invesment Capacity

Key Characteristics


Investors in TheClubDeal Fund II have a privileged opportunity to invest along-side the fund on ventures they want to increase their exposure. TheClubDeal thus acts as an active radar of interesting opportunities for the investor, before the deal spreads through the market.

Process & Governance

Investments are focussed on local ventures in order to have a pro-active interaction with the entrepreneur and his venture. Our rigorous processes are summarised in the "Stor#It" framework. This framework aims to reduce or eliminate understanding gaps between entrepreneurs and financial stakeholders.

Local Ecosystems

Beyond generating above average returns, the impact of your investments are ensured by the team's ethos. Investments shall also ensure jobs stay local and the impact on the environment be minimised.


Teams combine their network of entrepreneurs and co-investors to generate investment leads. Furthermore, the sourcing team uses a custom market watch tool to proactively generate investment leads.

4 Layers of Investment Validation

Scoring by internal team

Validation by sector specialized referent

Approval by the Investment Committee

Co-investment with sector specialized investors