Investors – Join the Club!

As an investor, when considering Private Equity, your key challenges are: selecting the deals matching your needs and interests, applying a strong governance, gathering the necessary expertise to understand and support the business development,… and all of this without paying too high fees and commissions.

Being close to and proactively supportive of the management is a major difference making factor when investing into private equity. Right chemistry between investors and management is a key component of success in fruitful and fulfilling private equity ventures. These are TheClubDeal value in structuring transactions into Private Equity. It is all about maximizing alignment of interest.

We have developed a scoring process (scor#it) for an optimal selection and a governance process (stor#it) which are streamlining those milestones, thereby allowing higher degree of chances for success and diminishing potential sources of conflict of interests. Those processes are strictly followed upon and allow the investor to follow closely the evolution of his investments. Communication happens via webtools.


As an investor, deciding of investing into Private Equity will see you faced with key challenges: selecting the good teams and business models, dedicating time in applied governance, keeping on being interested and committed … and all of this without paying too high fees and commissions. You also want to decide yourself on the investments which you will be investing in, and therefore will be offered a “first refusal right”.

With, this is possible: we offer you a wide range of services that will support you and your investments:

  • Sourcing: a process (Scor#it) for selecting and analyzing the opportunities best matching your investor’s personnality
  • Applied Governance: a process of governance (Stor#it) aiming at reducing or annihilating understanding gaps between investors and entrepreneurs
  • we link Investors and Entrepreneurs around promising investment opportunities. For each of them, TheClubDeal will invest through its financial holding with a selected number of co-investors to partner with the entrepreneur and develop a growth story.
  • TheClubDeal is working with Smart Money Investors in the exclusive framework of the law regulating Private Placements.
  • TheClubDeal is therefore disclaiming any recommendation when Smart Investors will invest into direct equity on their own judgment