TheClubDeal lance son nouveau fonds d’ancrage à 50 millions

Allier recherche de rendement, création d’emplois et aide à l’ancrage des entreprises en Belgique: c’est le pari que veut relever TheClubDeal, version 2021. Nous avons ciblé des secteurs où l’on peut créer de la valeur ici, en Belgique et en France, malgré un environnement compétitif moins favorable. JEAN-MARC LEGRAND – CEO, THECLUBDEAL “On est le […]

“La fintech belge attend toujours l’émergence de sa première licorne”

Alors que la fintech mondiale compte aujourd’hui plus d’une septantaine de start-ups valorisées à plus d’un milliard de dollars, la Belgique attend toujours sa première licorne. Le talent, les idées ou encore les infrastructures sont là. Reste à faire preuve d’ambition et à encourager les bonnes idées.

December 2020 Newsletter

December 2020. When crisis creates opportunities ! 1/ Message from our CEO2/ A brief history of the RNA Covid-19 vaccine by Louis de Thanhoffer de Völcsey, PhD3/ Welcome to Jean-Louis Van Houwe4/ Soros believes in Univercells5/ Yust secures its competitive advantages6/ 3D-Side heading towards internationalization7/ TheClubDeal Fund II on the best paths Message from our CEO For almost […]

“Ik droom ervan weer fabrieken naar Charleroi te brengen”

Terwijl hij er als tiener de ene staalfabriek na de andere zag sluiten, jagen CEO Hugues Bultot en co-oprichter José Castillo met de Waalse biotechtrots Univercells – de chouchou van Bill Gates – een frisse industriële wind door Charleroi.

Univercells Holding raises €70 million in Series C Financing

Univercells Holding recently raises €70 million with two rounds of capital increase with new investors. The capital infusion will support the development of GMP facilities and the capacity to foster distributed manufacturing and supply of biologics.

TheClubDeal: Newsletter September 2020

OUR NEW CHAIRWhat an hectic time! Sailing in unchartered waters, new challenges, new fears, new opportunities! New business models! Demonstrated resilience will be a key analytical parameter. Everything unexpected has happened and, while the principle of precaution needed to act fast and boldly, it is unseen to witness the damages, apparent or yet to surface, […]


Univercells is a medical engineering company having developed technologies aiming at reducing the cost of vaccines and biologics by significant factors. Amongst others, it has attracted the attention of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and been granted important subsidies. The Series B was led by American and Korean professional PE Funds and TheClubDeal has […]


YUST has created a fast-growing and innovative smart living concept with strong operational results for the first residence in Antwerp. A series of other sites are scheduled to be opened in the next two years (sites are secured). YUST targets young urban individuals and will combine accommodation with trendy services: a restaurant, car sharing, laundry […]


Graftys, taken over in 2017 by Enrico Bastianelli (ex-CEO of Bone Therapeutics), active in medtech’s market, is one of the world leaders (alongside BONESUPPORT AB, listed on the NASDAQ in Stockholm), in synthetic resorbable orthopaedic cements, with a pipeline of 2 marketed products (registered in 27 countries). Following to the capital increase structured by TheClubDeal, […]

Trigrr (ex Bizmotica)

The company developed over 8-years a powerful code which enables to link audio, video, electricity, heating, lighting, digital signage, security, … -related technologies. The company is now ready to deploy the sales of its software solution through specialised system integrators for B2B (eg. hotels, event centers, offices) & B2C (residential). The software which Bezonia commercialises […]

Vivalto Home Bond

This company offers independent, dependent or disoriented elderly people a network of care/nursing homes or residences for assisted living. Company is now looking for additional means to strengthen its sustainable roadmap of expansion. Website:


Lawbox is a legaltech startup which has developed a platform allowing to automate the writing of contracts and the usage of other documents and templates. It sells contracts and subscriptions to its database through its website. Webstie:

BCI Pharma SA

BCI Pharma is a company existing for 5 years in Montpellier, France. It has been relocated partly to Liège following a 3MM capital increase led by TheClubDeal.It has developed proofs of concepts in Biotech research on neuropathic pains, on a medical development articulated on kinase inhibitors, highly potent and targeted molecules.The business model consist in […]

Family Holding

A family-owned private holding with international industrial investments. TheClubDeal has structured a private bond placement so to achieve certain strategic goals.


3D-Side is a company offering comprehensive assistance in neuro- and orthopaedic surgery, from 3D imaging to 3D printing and related ERP. Website:

Babel (Alias)

Profit-making company (10 FTE) with leading position on Belgian translation market. Reason for sale: Non-core activities within current group Global translation market is expected to grow 5% in next 5y (EU is 49% of market) Google, Deepl & Amazon web released free and (open source) neural frameworks that promote Neural Machine Translation (NMT) use. Domain […]


TheClubDeal has closed a €2m capital increase in dFakto, a Belgian software company. The company brings unique solutions, in Belgium and other countries, to private and public institutions, to help the management be even more efficient with the support of data-driven decisions. The new capital will be used, among others, to finalise its transition towards […]

Schoppach Invest

A 5h62 land in Arlon (near train station) with urbanization permit allowing the construction of 213 units (19,421 sqm). The development of this eco-village project is expected to generate a margin of 50% for the developer.

Cabral (Alias)

CABRAL (project code name) is a company acting in field & database marketing. It has developed event driven strategies articulated around young consumers with robust FMCG partners. Market leader in 2 niches market in Belgium and is developing a very strong and growing foothold in Latin America.

SugarCo (Alias)

TheClubDeal supports a European key player in high-grade refurbished high-end smartphones in its capital increase. Generating today a turnover of € 2M+, the company is specialised in the distribution of high-grade refurbished smartphones, eco-friendly accessories and ruggedized phones. Presence in 7 European countries as well on 7 market places. Strong expansion plan leading to increase […]

TheClubDeal welcomes new partners

TheClubDeal has proceeded to a capital increase. Four new families have joined the existing shareholders, now bringing the families to a number of eight. Families Heynderickx (Jean-Marc), de Radiguès (Hervé), Roberti de Winghe (Nicolas), Legrand (Jean-Marc) have been joined by families Verbeeck (Stéphane), Boonen (Geoffroy), Dubrule (Jean-Louis) and Bonnet (Hubert). In addition, the executive team (including since […]

Elisa (Alias)

Frozen food production under private label for retail Profit-making company (28 FTE: 22 workers and 5 Admin + 1 dedicated purchase agent” + 1 dedicated Sales agent) Reason for sale: Non-core activities within current group


YouMeal is a software start-up, coming from a 5 years UCL’s spin-off project, that collects, processes, improves and provides food information for the consumers and the food professionals. The main output of this information is about the contents of recipes or food products in allergens, calories, lipid carbohydrates, but also vitamins, minerals and their environmental […]

L’ECHO: Le projet de sucre “zéro calorie” à Seneffe se précise

Le projet d’installation de la société indienne Petiva à Seneffe se précise. La future usine produira dans un premier temps 30.000 tonnes par an d’allulose, un sucre naturel zéro calorie. L’installation d’une unité pilote, initialement prévue début 2020, devrait finalement être achevée en 2021.


The “Zero calorie” sugar project in Seneffe is making progress.  The Indian company Petiva’s project to settle in Seneffe is becoming clearer. The future plant will produce in a first phase 30.000 tons per year of allulose, a natural sugar with zero calories. The installation of a pilot plant, initially scheduled for start 2020, should […]

CEO Summit

On June 13, TheClubDeal held its first CEO summit with representatives from about 10 companies having allied with TheClubDeal and other co-investors for the financing of their growth. Three regular trusted advisors of TheClubDeal, Ms Virginie Bazelmans, Corporate Lawyer at Lydian, M. Jean-Louis Dubrule, Founder and CEO of TheCrewCommunication, digital communication agency, and M. Geoffroy Boonen, serial entrepreneur, […]

YUST Group

Capital Increase (& Share Purchase Agreement) On April 1st, a club of investors lead by TheClubDeal took a 50% participation in the YUST Group through a hybrid operation (part share sale, part capital increase). YUST Group NV runs its first co-living concept in Antwerp (Berchem) which opened March 15th and will open two new units […]


TheClubDeal advised and co-invested in Graftys for its fundraising of €4.100.000 closed end of February 2019. Graftys, taken over in 2017 by Enrico Bastianelli (ex-CEO of Bone Therapeutics), active in medtech’s market, is one of the world leaders (alongside BONESUPPORT AB, listed on the NASDAQ in Stockholm), in synthetic reasorbable orthopaedic cements, with a pipeline […]

L’ECHO: Après les chirurgiens, 3D-Side vise les producteurs de prothèses

La start-up wallonne 3D-Side a fait de l’impression 3D sa spécialité. Avec notamment ses prothèses pour le crâne, l’entreprise est aujourd’hui bien installée dans les blocs opératoires. Déjà rentable trois ans après sa création, l’entreprise s’attaque désormais aux producteurs de prothèses grâce à un logiciel.


TheClubDeal advised 3D-side, a company active at the crossroads of the patient specific protheses and the software, for a capital increase of €3.000.000.  3D-Side is a software company with direct applications in Medical 3D Imaging and 3D Printing. It provides the market with an interesting development addressing the “missing link” between the practitioners and the suppliers […]


TheClubDeal advised UniverCells for its fundraising of 17m of which 3 millions from Belgian Investors. Univercells is a medical engineering company whose aim is of addressing the vaccines and biologicals markets by providing fast and cheap production through delocalized smaller production units. Based on solid Intellectual Property and proven processes, it benefits of the strong […]

L’ECHO: “Nous sommes en train de réussir notre pari de vaccins à 15 centimes la dose”

La biotech wallonne Univercells vient de lever 16 millions d’euros auprès d’investisseurs belges, mais aussi américains et coréens. La moitié de ces fonds doit servir à développer un vaccin existant, mais en rupture chronique d’approvisionnement. L’autre moitié, nous explique le CEO Hugues Bultot, doit venir renforcer la plateforme de biosimilaires, dédiée à la production d’anticorps et à la lutte contre les maladies orphelines.

L’ECHO: Près de 4 millions pour faire croître BCI Pharma

Fraîchement arrivée à Liège, la biotech BCI Pharma a désormais les moyens financiers pour assurer sa croissance en terres wallonnes. Créée par un chercheur belge, Dominique Surleraux, dans la région de Montpellier en 2013, BCI Pharma a annoncé lundi avoir reçu 1,9 million d’euros de financement public de la part de la Région wallonne (DG06), auxquels il faut ajouter quelque 2 millions d’euros d’investissement public et privé.

L’ECHO: La biotech française BCI Pharma se relocalise en Wallonie

La Belgique et, en particulier, la Wallonie continuent d’aimanter les entreprises biotechnologiques des pays voisins. La densité du tissu biotech au sud du pays constitue désormais un écosystème suffisamment séduisant pour que des sociétés néerlandaises, françaises ou allemandes du secteur se décident à se relocaliser dans la Région. Il y a deux semaines, la belgo-néerlandaise […]

To entrepreneurs preparing a capital increase

At some point in time, a potential evolution of your venture is to look for external funding in order to grow. You might be an entrepreneur with a successful business that you would like to scale, or you might consider the launch of a new product line, etc. You might as well be a start-up […]