Family Holding

A family-owned private holding with international industrial investments. TheClubDeal has structured a private bond placement so to achieve certain strategic goals.

Babel (Alias)

Profit-making company (10 FTE) with leading position on Belgian translation market. Reason for sale: Non-core activities within current group Global translation market is expected to grow 5% in next 5y (EU is 49% of market) Google, Deepl & Amazon web released free and (open source) neural frameworks that promote Neural Machine Translation (NMT) use. Domain […]

Schoppach Invest

A 5h62 land in Arlon (near train station) with urbanization permit allowing the construction of 213 units (19,421 sqm). The development of this eco-village project is expected to generate a margin of 50% for the developer.

Cabral (Alias)

CABRAL (project code name) is a company acting in field & database marketing. It has developed event driven strategies articulated around young consumers with robust FMCG partners. Market leader in 2 niches market in Belgium and is developing a very strong and growing foothold in Latin America.

SugarCo (Alias)

TheClubDeal supports a European key player in high-grade refurbished high-end smartphones in its capital increase. Generating today a turnover of € 2M+, the company is specialised in the distribution of high-grade refurbished smartphones, eco-friendly accessories and ruggedized phones. Presence in 7 European countries as well on 7 market places. Strong expansion plan leading to increase […]

Elisa (Alias)

Frozen food production under private label for retail Profit-making company (28 FTE: 22 workers and 5 Admin + 1 dedicated purchase agent” + 1 dedicated Sales agent) Reason for sale: Non-core activities within current group


YouMeal is a software start-up, coming from a 5 years UCL’s spin-off project, that collects, processes, improves and provides food information for the consumers and the food professionals. The main output of this information is about the contents of recipes or food products in allergens, calories, lipid carbohydrates, but also vitamins, minerals and their environmental […]