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Lawbox is a promising start-up active in legal tech. It offers online legal and contractual templates which rhythm the life of companies or self-employed individuals.  Clients are guided through smart questionnaires which will allow to adapt the contract to its needs. The service exists in three versions: single document sale (“à la pièce”), a multi-document pack where documents are bundled per theme, or by full-access monthly subscription. The templates are updated constantly so to meet the latest needs in the evolution of the relevant legislation.

Legal advice about the validity of the documents can also be supplied where needed.

A lot of consortiums, professional associations, legal advisers use Lawbox already. It is therefore viewed as a reliable and structural support for professions of the law industry, legal departments, lawyers, etc…

TheClubDeal helped Lawbox to secure its seed financing in Q2 2016 and actively supports its development.

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