Are you considering a restructuration of your capital for funding your growth?

Our Club investors are interested in co-investing with us in such opportunities. We facilitate convergence of objectives between investors and entrepreneurs. On the long term. We support and implement applied governance processes whereby entrepreneurs and investors will foster same converging goals, knowledge and challenges. Here are a few examples of decision factors for TheCubDeal to co-invest: global competitiveness, local contribution to ecosystem, development and creation of sticky jobs.


Scor#it is a connective tool allowing us to better serve your interests and testing the potential of connecting you with our Club Members.  It will help us understanding the qualities of your venture, getting to know the team better, discovering the unique features of your company, and going deep into its governance. 
While the content of it will be treated confidentially, your detailed attention in filling the questionnaire will be a preliminary for a successful meeting point. There are several factors which we consider at TheClubDeal in order to make a sound investment decision. More precisely, we look for investments with the following profile:
  • Oustanding entrepreneurs with skin in the game (our most important criteria)
  • Supported by a strong and complementary team
  • Active in a growing and large market
  • With a proven product
  • Relying on a convincing business model
  • Contributing to a more sustainable eco-system (impact)
  • With local value-added job creations
  • With a compelling value creation story
  • And a strong governance track

We appreciate to review with the entrepreneurs their projects which meet these criterias even if they are still at a conceptual stage, with a business plan which is not yet completely finished. We often help the entrepreneur to improve the investment opportunity, if it has merits.