Fund II Roadshow – Flanders (10/2022)

27/10/2022 17:30
To Be Determined
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Now that COVID restrictions are being lifted, the Ukrainian conflict takes over. Even more than during COVID time, financial markets are volatile.

Taking this evolution and the fundamental question of portfolio composition into account, which place would a locally anchored, entrepreneurial fund have in your asset class selection?

We would like to invite you to a presentation on this type of investment that suffers from under-awareness and generally considered as inaccessible for many investors:

Private Equity by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

We would be happy to present our convictions

  • Private Equity in Belgium and in the Hauts de France
  • Our regions: a fertile ground for many successful companies
  • Future world leaders close to home
  • Private equity, a booming, accessible and resilient market

These points will be addressed by TheClubDeal representatives who will answer your questions after the presentation.

At TheClubDeal, our positioning in private equity with local roots has caught the attention of our current investors composed of more than 85 families and 3 institutional investors. This allowed us to complete our first investments in 4 promising ventures. Among the criteria recognized by these investors, our proximity to the companies in which we invest represents a real difference from other private equity proposals.

At the end of our discussions, we will be delighted to share with you a networking cocktail.

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