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What is a club deal and what are its advantages?
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What is a club deal and what are its advantages?

Published on 18/08/2022
Contributor(s): Jean-Louis Dubrule

A club deal, or syndication, is a grouping of investors for the purpose of undertaking one or more investment transactions. These syndications are the DNA of TheClubDeal. These club deals have 3 major advantages compared to an investor acting alone. Firstly, the investment opportunities are carefully analysed, selected and negotiated by a dedicated team. Secondly, they provide access to investment opportunities where the minimum capital to complete the deal is very high, and is made possible by investors coming together to achieve it. Thirdly, this is the essence of smart money: TheClubDeal is not only about investing in one-off participations, but also about being involved in the strategic decisions of the entrepreneurs in order to guide them towards the success of their project.

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