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The life of a Fund Manager : Sequences & End of Fundraising

Published on 10/07/2023
Contributor(s): Jean-Marc Legrand

TheClubDeal is a Venture Capital & Private Equity Firm strongly driven by applied governance principles.

Which are the sequences of a Fund Manager?

Fundraising is the first sequence. To put a “hard closing” to that time is natural and of good practice. We had our last closing end of June, so to dedicate our time and efforts to implementing our best practices with our partners-entrepreneurs – see hereunder).

The three natural next sequences, some overlapping, are Investment, Value Creation (for which we keep “dry powder”) and Monetization.

End of sequence 1: Fundraising of TheClubDeal Fund II is successful.

Despite the launch during the Covid lockdowns and the adversities created, between others, by insecurity in the tax environment, we are pleased to dispose upon the commitment of about 100 families and 3 institutional investors. The Fund closes around 40M€, of which ca. 13M€ have been invested in 7 scale-ups, along with an additional 10M€ in co-investment.

The GP (General Partner), Partners & Team have committed together 8.2% of the total. It is an honour to share that all executive associates have contributed personally.

As displayed in the graphs, we are pleased to have allied with investors from a diversified regional background and mostly private. We may also add that a vast majority is of entrepreneurial background. Some have invested for the first time in Private Equity. This is at the same time an honour, and a daily endeavour to meet our mutual expectations.

Sequence 2. Continuing our investment program.

The positive “flip side” of the adverse environment for fundraising is that we see many opportunities for investing and we have more time for deciding with whom to ally, and at which conditions. Indeed, the inflationary environment has dramatically changed the market set-up, and there is less funding available for investing, or at least, less momentum and a greater deal of caution.

We look to partner with entrepreneurs managing growth in 3 segments:

  • Tech;
  • Smart Living; and
  • Life Sciences.

Next sequences

Along the search for great alliances to build, we continue to put our best practices and support at the disposal of our allied entrepreneurs.

This translates in:

  1. implementing best governance practices to achieve a common reading of the enterprise and its evolution.
  2. supporting the Board and the management in strategic planning and mapping, beyond supporting the company in its immediate financial objectives.

Our mission is to contribute to our local ecosystem by supporting entrepreneurs and scale-ups. We strive to foster an environment where mutual trust between all stakeholders will be a key value.

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