Nyxoah - Medical Technology

A qualitative closing leading to the next milestone



Growth I

Development Stage

15-20 MM

Transaction size



Nyxoah, a company developing disruptive neurostimulation technology to cure obstructive sleep apnea, mandated TheClubDeal for supporting a capital increase. Established in Mont Saint Guibert, with R&D in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Company managed to close the capital increase, with a new Lead Investor, a Dutch Private Equity Fund and the existing club of shareholders.

That substantial capital increase allows the Company to have a new horizon up to the end of the CE marking phase, a substantial milestone in value creation.

At TheClubDeal, we have supported more capital developments or invested into med and biotech, where Belgium based ventures consistently demonstrates a leadership. The strategy to market, the disruptive impact of the solution, the importance of the market place it addresses are all factors which may validate an investment option.

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Bio- and Med-tech

TheClubDeal has developed, also thanks to a strong network of experienced independent advisers, a strong interest and investor database in this leading sector for "Belgium Inc".

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